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My Story

Get to know me

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I found out at an early age (10ish) that not everything was ok..

I had severe stomach cramps, unbelievable bloating, always had to be sure a bathroom was near after every meal.

Terrible periods that would last 20-25 days, 3-8 days off. Spent my first few days in bed or lived with a full bottle of advil every single month. 

I had ZERO energy (to no ones surprise)

We went from one doctor to the next, from blood work to every Xray in the book, from birth controls to surgeries.

I was told to get my ovaries removed  (couldn't afford it) or I was going to develop cancer. Kids weren't going to be in my future anyway....

Well.... Hello. My name is Eva Rempel. I am a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful little girls & an angel baby that sits with Jesus.

Welcome to my life!!!


Nutritional Therapy Association 

I did a ton of case studying, and small beginner courses, until I finally took the plunge and signed up at Nutritional Therapy Association. I graduated in November of 2022. I fell in love to say the least, and as long as I live I am going to continue my education. So I can continue to help educate others.

Future qualifications (hopefully)

I will be offering hair analysis in the next few months.

My plan is to go back to school to specialize in Hormone therapy, as well as Blood chemistry.

See where life takes me..

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